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To the Church in America Today

To the Church in America Today

Christians are experiencing unusual days in the United States of America. The opposition and even persecution we’re beginning to face is not unusual at all in the history of Christianity, but it feels very strange and oppressive after more than three hundred years of acceptance and even dominance in this nation.

In this seven-minute clip, Pastor John speaks directly to the hearts of Christians who feel increasingly unwelcome and alien in the America we know today. Stop expecting everything to go well. Stop trying to fit in here. Instead, fuel your life with the invincible and eternal hope of knowing Jesus Christ forever.

Piper: “We have come to take all the relatively minor benefits of following Jesus and elevated them above the massive, real pleasures of knowing him, loving him, and dying and being with him forever. Everything’s out of proportion in typical American Christianity.”

These seven minutes are from a sermon Pastor John gave at Passion City Church. You can watch the entire message, which is entitled, “The Plundering of Your Property and the Power of Hope.”

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