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This Season Is Right Where You Need To Be

Just sitting back scrolling through my Facebook news feed I was amazed by so many comments that talked about giving up or being stress over a situation. I pondered each comment looking to encourage as much as possible, hoping one line might turn their day around.

As I was looking for the right words to say, a scripture verse popped in my thoughts: “Do not grow weary in doing good.” Then right after I am reminded of what the apostle Paul told the Phillipians about thinking on the things that are true, honest, noble and positive.

Which is God’s way.

Nothing short of staying the course and in due time your worries becomes blessings.

That’s the life God intended for each one of us that puts our lives in His hands.

God never said life would be easy or a smile would be permanently on your face, but He did promise that if you continue to walk His path, things will turn around for you in a major way.

Which path are you choosing today?

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