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What God Promised He Is Able To Do

Look closely at John 16:33. Jesus has just told you that you will face tribulation. But then He says, “Take heart!” That’s the secret. One translation puts it this way: “When you have trouble, cheer up.”

What God is saying is that you can choose to be joyful and positive no matter what happens. The reason you can do that is because Jesus has already won your battle, whatever it may be!

Beloved, whatever you might be facing in this New Year doesn’t compare to the greatness and love God has placed above your head. He is compassion yo our needs.

Faithful to our moods and loyal to take care of us.

So no matter east you think you have done, you will never deserve the merciful love God has for you.

God is faithful to you and wants to see the best in your life.

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