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Any Grief God Can Handle

It wasn’t a typical Sunday as I found myself going to church and meeting up with family later on in the day. For my wife and I it was a tiring day. But it was a day of reflection.

Do you find yourself grieving over a love one passing away, loss of job, or some sort of suffering? The journey is never easy to go through grieving knowing whatever you loss would never come back to you.

Beloved, do know that the same God who can restore Lazarus from the dead, is the same one that can make things right for you?

The same God who gave Job double blessings for his trouble is the same God that can bring the right opportunities, new wealth and great people in your life.

Grieving is apart of life and as long as we continue to walk the earth, we will experience more of those moments.

But we aren’t meant to go through it alone. We have a merciful and loving God that knows your steps and can lead you out of the bushes of grief to a clear path to promises of riches.

It’s time to let go and let God take the wheel.

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