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Are You Ready To Step Out?

Ever wonder why Peter was so sure he could walk on the water? Not only did he step out of the boat but began walking as if it was the norm to do. Peter had the boldness of faith we all need to have as the obstacles of life presents itself.

Peter understood that it was his time. He stirred his faith up. He believed at that moment that he could do what God placed in his heart. Jesus said, “Peter, do you want to get out of that boat?” He said, “Yes, I do.” Jesus replied, “Well, come on out.”

How many have come to the conclusion that it’s time to step out of the boat? Step out on the water and demonstrate that strong faith to overcome all fears.

Start believing that your time is here! All the dreams that you’ve buried, those desires that you thought would never work out, it’s time to start believing again. It’s your time, and it’s time to step out.

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