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Forgiveness Doesn’t Have To Cost

It’s never easy to forgive someone after they did you wrong. It’s just not in our nature to look pass the hurt someone has presented or caused us. God knows it.

In the scriptures we are reminded to forgive one another just like our Father in heaven forgives us of our trespasses. Many times throughout the word, we are reminded of God’s grace when He shows an act of kindness towards us after we have done wrong.

Just imagine if God was a mean, heartless person like how we are to one another?

What would have become of Adam after disobeying God? Abraham after He slept with Hagar versus waiting for God to do what He had promise?

And the list continues.

The next time someone cut you off on the highway, take a different approach.

Learn to forgive.

The next time a family member says something to hurt your feelings, just walk away.

Just learn to forgive.

God sees every wrong that’s ever been done to you. He sees every unfair situation. If you will stay in faith, He’ll bring justice into your life.

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