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God Can Use Even You

When you read or mediate on the stories in the bible, do you ever wonder why God uses the “least most favorable or popular” people to do His best work? I can say it has crossed my mind a time or two. But let me take it a little further. With all that we have done in our lives (and we know ourselves quite well) why do you believe God still uses us for His purpose?

These are similar questions the Apostle Paul must have had as he considered himself to do God’s work. To go the length of the earth to preach the Lord’s word and to be so influential even today with the writings in the New Testament is something that is mind blowing to the average person.

But if you are a child of God, we realize from the beginning of Genesis, people around us and even within ourselves, the Lord loves to use the least expected to do His best work.

Paul considered himself the worst of sinners, but God saved him.

If God could save the worst of sinners, then no one is beyond His reach.

You may not see it right now, and maybe you haven’t experienced it in the past, but don’t get complacent and just settle where you are. Get a vision for your future! Get a vision for what God wants to do in your life.

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