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God Is The Best Daily Refresher

Just picture this for a moment. A hot sunny day outside and you are on-stop . Your body is drenched with sweat, sticky feelings and very uneasy to get out of the heat. Can’t wait to get home.

Finally you are home and able to jump in a cold shower. That cool feeling overwhelms you and cleanliness begins to make its mark as you continue on in the day.

The Lord is the same way in our lives. When the world makes us sweat through our trials and tribulations. Feeling uneasy about certain actions or decisions we make in life only to find a redeemer that can give you a calm cool feeling to make everything alright again.

This is a picture of rest. When we are resting in Him, He is able to do a work in our lives. He is able to bring that restoration.

When God restores you, He makes you better off than you were before.

He makes you complete!

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