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It’s Time To Leave Regrets Behind

It’s never easy to think back on your past and begin to say things such as, “ I wish I could do it all over again.” Regrets, is what many call it and it is something that can be a thorn in your flesh if you allow it.

The scriptures are a great source that gives many accounts of how to deal with these past regrets. The apostle Paul stated so heavily in Philippians 3:13 that out of all the things he may do on a daily basis, he makes sure that the past is not something that is reflected on.

How are you treating the things you regret so heavily that continues to haunt you on a day-to-day basis?

Allow God to mold and shape your mind today. Allow Him to direct your plans and ideas. Keep an attitude of faith and expectancy today, and as you submit your ways to the Lord and open your heart to His leading.

What you focus on the most is what will become of you as you carry on in life’s journey.

It’s never easy to walk in a path that leaves regrets, but when you place your trust in the Lord, He begins to order your steps in the right direction.

If you believed that He save the children of Israel, you must believe He can do the same for you and your future.

It’s time to let go and allow God to be the center of your thoughts.

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