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The U.S. and President Sending Prayers Up For #UCCShooting Victims and Families


Last night Oregon law enforcement authorities  reported that 10 people  we’re killed and 20 were injured by a gunman at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon.

The latest news update is that the shooter that entered the campus first asked victims to state their religions and anyone who said “Christian” was shot in the head, students who answered differently were shot elsewhere. Investigators have stated that they do not yet know what the gunmen’s sole motives were in his actions.

President Obama addressed the nation after the tragedy in a speech which the press is strongly emphasizing his quote that “Our thoughts and prayers are not enough.” He issued that voter action and the support of congress. legislators, and governors is required for change as well as stricter gun laws in the nation. In his speech the President also mentioned that tragedies such as these and all the procedures that follow are becoming routine.

Despite the commotion our hearts, prayers, and condolences still go out to the victims and families of the shooting at Umpqua Community College. Prayer will never lose it’s power and it can always stand to be the most routine, in our lives and in every nation. How about more prayer and laws in the U.S. that protect it’s safety, along with remembrance that prayer in itself is still a form of protection.

Yes we must take action, but also ask for divine direction in it and that God would make our country more aware to His presence. After all is said and DONE, Prayer will never lose it’s power.

Accordingly, President Obama went into prayer concluding his speech:

“May God bless the memories of those who were killed today, may He bring comfort to their families. and courage to the injured as they fight their way back, and may He give us the strength to come together and find the courage to change.”

Amen to that.

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