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Doing Missions at the Mall of America

Our cities are filling with more immigrants today than ever before.

Violent events and ease of travel have combined to increase migration around the world. Migration angers many. They don’t want to be exposed to new customs and cultures, and the inconveniences immigrants can bring to our nations.

For Christians, however, this is a remarkable opportunity. Not only does the church receive new chances to reveal God’s heart of love for the foreigner, but we are able to extend the hope of the gospel message in fresh ways to otherwise hard-to-reach peoples.

Migration is part of the biblical story. It’s a major theme in Scripture from the beginning to the end. And God uses migration to bring the nations to himself.

“The Foreigner Among Us” is a ten-minute documentary seeking to inform and inspire the church about migration today. This video is not about political policies, but about loving people.

Watch, consider, and pray. Do you pray for immigrants, rather than expressing frustration about them? Do you cross the street to avoid them, or to engage them?

It is increasingly strategic to reach the peoples God is sending to us. Let’s pray that the nations will see Christ savingly as they experience his love through us.

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