Le’Andria Johnson Testifies about being in Jail for 30 Days and Alcoholism!

It’s no secret that Le’Andria Johnson (Season 3 Winner of BET’s Sunday Best) has had her share of ups and downs. One thing thats very amazing is that she is always transparent about everything and uses what she’s been through to encourage others to help get them on Track!

While in Philadelphia PA on Sunday February 17th, Le’Andria took part in a Family and Friends Day at HolyGhost Headquarters Revival Center at the Met where Apostle Mark Hatcher, Sr. is the Pastor. The church had invited a Women’s Rehabilitation Center to the church where Numerous women were in attendance that are in the process of overcoming substance abuse and alcoholism.

During her set, she shared with the congregation about the struggle she had with Alcohol. How she would drink every day and not realize she had a problem. One night Le’Andria was leaving the bar heading home which was just a 8 minutes away, she was stopped  drive by police and arrested. Le’Andria  managed to get out and placed on probation However, the probation was broken and had to serve 30 days in jail.

Le’Andria released a public statement stating:

“For those that follow me on social media know I am very transparent. I refuse to be fake from the pulpit nor paying people off to not tell my story. While ministering yesterday I shared the most recent incident in my life as a testimony to others. I am not perfect and will never be yet i am taking the necessary steps to change. If basking me for being honest about my life is how the vlog and blog game is played then so be it. I will not pay anyone to not tell my truth! I owned it, I told it and I am taking the steps to change it! I thought the vlog game was to call leaders out to tell the truth well I told the truth and still get bashed. So is the game really about leaders telling the truth or is the game to make money off postings about other peopes lives. Either way, I’m free and getting help for mine. -Le’Andria Johnson”

Be Sure to watch this full video!


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