The Rance Allen Group Celebrates Mother’s Day By Remembering Their Emma Pearl

The legendary Grammy® Award nominated Rance Allen Group (Rance, Tom and Steve), best-known for signature songs such as “Something About the Name Jesus” and “You That I Trust,”  is celebrating Mother’s Day by remembering their beloved grandmother, Emma Pearl, who helped raise them. They recorded the old school `70s soul-styled ballad for their 2002 album, “All the Way” (Tyscot Records), as a tribute to her care and influence in their lives.

“We were raised in a family where you went to church every single night,” Rance Allen recalls. “To keep our interest, my grandmother Emma Pearl went to a pawn shop and brought instruments, drums, guitars and amplifiers.” Using records by the Rev. James Cleveland and occasionally a Ray Charles tune as his guides, he learned to play the piano before picking up the guitar with Chuck Berry as an influence. Emma Pearl encouraged Allen’s early call to become a child preacher and singer at the age of five. The talents that she groomed in Allen and his siblings laid the foundation for their five-decade career as contemporary gospel and urban inspirational music pioneers. To stream or download the beautiful track, “Emma Pearl,” follow this link:


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