New Jersey’s Newly Consecrated and Youngest Bishop Takes His Message and Work Global

Pastor, entrepreneur, certified financial educator and author De’Andre Salter of Impact Church in South Plainfield, New Jersey is adding Bishop to his titles and work.  At 47yrs old, Salter is the youngest Bishop in the state.  He was officially consecrated into the Joint College of African-American Pentecostal Bishops and the Macedonia International Bible Fellowship (MIBF), a global fellowship of churches under Presiding Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer on Sept 27th in Plainfield, NJ. In this new role, Bishop Salter will help resource and equip pastors and churches for growth by bringing excellence to their operations, administration, and ministry delivery systems.

The consecrators for the service are iconic church leaders including Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer, presiding bishop of MIBF as well as co-consecrators Bishop Neil C. Ellis, presiding Bishop of Global United Fellowship and Bishop George C. Searight.

“Being the youngest Bishop in New Jersey is prophetic and symbolic,” said Bishop Salter who was born and raised in Newark. “I believe it’s a signal that God is doing something in the hearts of younger generations. My elevation is a prophetic picture that something new is bubbling up in this region, perhaps nationally. A type of hunger, a thirst for young adults and families to find the truth, embrace authentic ministry and express Christ in new ways.”

The room reflected the influential tapestry of the Bishop’s reach, including Fortune 500 and 1000 presidents, business leaders, politicians, and clergy.

“It is no surprise to me that God has elevated Bishop De’Andre Salter to his position as the youngest ordained Bishop in the entire state of New Jersey,”said Mildred C. Crump, Chair of the Newark City Council and the first African American woman elected to that position. “I had the privilege to develop a deep friendship with his mother, Pastor Salter, at Joy Tabernacle Church located in the City of Newark, and the entire family.  Even at a young age, God had “His Hand” on him. There was a level of maturity unseen in most teenagers. He loved church!!! To witness his elevation is a true sign that God will take you from where you are to where He wants you to be. I thank and praise that the devil did not get the victory.  To God be the glory forever and forever Amen.”

Also on hand at the consecration was Dr. Javier Viera, Vice Provost and Dean of Drew Theological School who encouraged Bishop Salter to “continue the work of improving the lives of disenfranchised people, just as you have always done.”

During Bishop Neil C. Ellis’ homily, he instructed Bishop Salter to stand, and he pointed directly to him as if no one else was in the room.

“It is no coincidence that there is a bishop from the West Coast, a bishop from the Bahamas, and a bishop from the East Coast here tonight. It’s a picture of the scale of the work God has in store for you; it’s global in nature. God has invested heavily in you, and He expects a great return,” exclaimed Bishop Ellis.

The most heartfelt moment of the service was when Bishop Ulmer looked at Bishop Salter and stated: “This is my beloved spiritual son in whom I am well pleased.”

Bishop Salter serves as lead pastor of Impact Church in South Plainfield. He holds a Master of Theology from Kings University and is pursuing his doctorate. He also serves on many boards, including a recent term on the board of trustees at his undergraduate alma mater, Drew University. He is the author of soon to be released The Culture of Money and has been featured in Investor’s Business Daily. Huffington Post and Atlanta Tribune, among other media outlets.

In his closing remarks, Bishop Salter directed the audience to consider they were not there by accident.

“Tonight, all of my circles overlap, politics, business, academia, social and ministry, and that is not by accident. God is calling on all of us leaders in the room to grow people and restore hope in the church of Jesus Christ.”

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