Faith Is Believing What You Can’t See

Faith is visualizing the future in the present—it means seeing the future in advance. People say, “Seeing is believing.” God says the exact opposite: “Believing is seeing.” Some things you’ll never see unless you believe them first.

Every great achievement started when someone first believed it was possible. Faith turns dreams into realities. It makes reality out of what’s in your imagination. Nothing happens until someone believes it’s possible first.

Nearly 40 years ago, I stood in front of a small group of people for the first service of Saddleback Church, and I shared a dream God gave me for a church with 50 acres of land, a church that would minister to 20,000 people every week. People laughed. Frankly, I laughed, too. We all knew the price of land in Orange County. It seemed impossible.

But God did it. Everything God has done through Saddleback in the last four decades was impossible before it happened.

You need a dream, too. Your dream, your goal is an act of faith. When you’re tuned in to God and asking him what he wants you to do, you’re saying, “God, I believe you want me to accomplish this action by this time.” When you do that, you’re acting on faith.

And faith pleases God.

What impossible task are you trusting God for?

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