You Can Only Accomplish the Impossible When You See the Invisible

You can’t be an Olympic athlete unless you spend the extra hours to exercise. You can’t be a master musician unless you spend the extra hours to practice. If you want to become a godly person, you must practice the habits of spending time alone with God, reading the Bible, giving, and sharing your faith.

Faith and persistence are the same. Faith means you don’t give up even when you’re tired. Faith means you don’t know how to quit.

Moses gives us a great example of this. Hebrews 11:27 says, “It was by faith that Moses left Egypt and was not afraid of the king’s anger. Moses continued strong as if he could see the God that no one can see” (NCV).

Moses realized this important truth: You can only accomplish the impossible when you see the invisible. The key to faith is to be persistent. Keep your eyes on God, not on your problem.

God will give you strength to persevere. He’ll give you the power to keep working on the marriage that seems hopeless. He will give you the power to pick yourself up when you’ve fallen. He can give you the power to keep going when you’re on the edge of bankruptcy. He’ll give you the power to keep your convictions when all the pressure around you says to give in.

God’s power to keep going is there for you.

You just need to ask him for it.

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