How to Show Faith and Gratitude in Your Battle

When Israel and their king, Jehoshaphat, were outnumbered by three enemy nations, the king chose not to worry. Instead, King Jehoshaphat led his people to worship God in various ways. Today you’ll see how they worshipped by thanking God for the victory in advance.

It was almost time for the battle to begin, and Israel was on one side of the valley, their enemies on the other. You’d expect Israel’s troops to begin arming themselves and lining up to march into the fight. But here’s what happened instead: “Then [the king] chose men to be singers to the LORD, to praise him because he is holy and wonderful. As they marched in front of the army, they said, ‘Thank the LORD, because his love continues forever’” (2 Chronicles 20:21 NCV).

Yes, you’re reading that correctly. Instead of choosing warriors to lead the troops into battle, the king assembled a choir.

Can you imagine what those men thought as they walked, singing and unarmed, onto the battlefield? Can you imagine what their enemies thought?

Despite the oddness of the strategy, the men obeyed. The choir marched in front of the army, declaring God’s unending love and thanking him in advance for delivering them.

This is how God wants you to approach your battles, too. God wants you to thank him in advance for solving your problems. When you thank him afterward, you’re showing gratitude, which is important. But if you thank him in advance, you’re also showing faith.

In the next verse, we see the effect of this unorthodox battle plan: “And at the moment they began to sing and to praise, the Lord caused the armies of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir to begin fighting among themselves, and they destroyed each other!” (2 Chronicles 20:22 TLB)

That’s my kind of battle! God’s people didn’t even have to pick up a weapon.

That’s what God wants for you, too. He wants you to lay down your weapons—all the ways you’ve been trying to solve your problems on your own—and trust him as you face your enemy. Then thank him for deliverance and watch in gratitude as God fights on your behalf.

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