Shekinah Glory Ministry Releases “Peace to My World” for an Un-peaceful Time

The platinum-selling musical ensemble, Shekinah Glory Ministry (SGM), has dusted off “Peace to My World” – an obscure song from its 2012 album “Surrender” (Kingdom Records). It’s meant as a spiritual comfort to a globe enduring months of COVID-19, and a heightened sense of outrage over police brutality against unarmed persons of color and social injustices that have sparked worldwide protests against systemic racism and a call for law enforcement reform.

You bring peace to my world, peace to my world
All of the hurtful moments, all of the rugged ways.

Lord you, ease all the pain, brighten up my day
You are, peace, peace for my world.

You bring peace to my world, peace to my world.
All of the hurtful moments, all of the rugged ways.

Lord you, ease all the pain, brighten up my day.
You are, peace, peace for my world.

Hallelu, hallelu, hallelujah,
Peace for my world.

“It seems like overnight everything that we knew changed and all of a sudden, we looked up and everything around us seemed to be in chaos and disarray,” says SGM member, Sherree Lee. “In one of those moments of uncertainty and feelings of helplessness, God reminded me that He brings peace to our world. This song reminds us all of that assurance.”

Shekinah Glory Ministry has been a leader in African American praise and worship music for nearly two decades. The dynamic ensemble of psalmists, minstrels, and banner perform “under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.” Their Hebrew name means: “the glorified presence of God.” The title track of their R.I.A.A.-certified gold debut album, “Praise is What I Do” struck a chord with a distraught nation seeking spiritual resolve following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. “Through the good and the bad, I’ll praise you,” soloist William Murphy sang in an urgent tone on the track. The project peaked at #5 on Billboard’s Top Gospel Albums chart and spent another 48 weeks on the survey.  In the years since, they amassed four other gold or platinum certifications for equally memorable projects with Billboard charting hit songs such as “Jesus,” “Yes” and “Just for Me.”


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