Stephen Robinson Lights The World With A Smile

Stephen Robinson Lights The World With A Smile

Stephen Robinson is the embodiment of all things good in the church.  He is a minister of the Gospel with huge family musical influences.  Singing and preaching are his birthright.  He wowed audiences near and far with the release of A New Chapter and has set the bar a little higher with the release of his latest offering, I Still Have My Smile, hitting digital outlets and streaming platforms on Friday, September 18thvia Enon Music Group/The Orchard/Sony.

Robinson offers candid explanation on his new music, “I wanted to make music that dealt with people where they are.” The thing that makes the Gospel unique is that we can have the blues all week long, headache, heart trauma, burdens, problems.  We need to know there will be days you have to cry, and you will sometimes wonder how things are going to work out.  But Sunday comes every week!  God steps in and reveals Himself to be whatever we need Him to be.  He will ease the pain and give us strength.  He will come to our rescue.  He gives us overcoming grace to make it and the power to declare out of all the things I’ve been through, I Still Have My Smile and I know God is for me because I made it this far.

Robinson celebrates the release of the CD with a concert and video taping on Sunday, September 20th in Little Rock.  His churchy single, He Can Do It, continues to ride the radio chart and comfort the hearts and minds of the discouraged in these trying times.

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