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genestudioGene Keys (Host) – In 2006, Gene “Keys” Burke started a ministry that used text messages as a platform to encourage his friends and family.  He called it, Gene Keys’ Word of the Day.  Because of this, Gene became known for having heart to encourage people of every walks of life.  He is also known for being a goof ball.  Gene took these two gifts and married them with his life long love for music and radio broadcasting and the Gene Keys Morning Show was born. Gene is the Co-Founder of WTUW Online, founder and CEO of Look Up Radio, and ordained elder, songwriter, and most importantly husband of Fatima Burke and father of their 4 boys.

melissaurquhartSista Dynamite – Meet Sista Dynamite also known as Melissa Urquhart, a native of Philadelphia who currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA.  A student and teacher of God’s Word, “Dynamite” is known for her expressive praise & her determination to be excellent for the kingdom.  Given the nickname “Sista Dynamite” at her local church, she hopes to encourage all to discover their identity in God and walk in it unashamed.  Dynamite is the personification of BIG things coming in small package, so stay tuned for her dynamic effect.


katunderwoodMusic News & Information with Kat – Kat was raised in a household that was always filled with music.  Her father, a musician, ensured there was a soundtrack to their lives which consisted of everything from Stevie Wonder, to Bob Marley, the Gypsy Kings, Chicago, Ella Fitzgerald, Carlos Santana, Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac and many more incredible artists.  Over the years, her exposure to so many different genres of music gave her great balance.  In April of 2002, Kat felt the call of God in her life and ended up in a church where she became exposed to her most favorite genre of all.  It was Gospel music that gripped her heart.  In early 2007, after several years of working in Film and TV, Kat began her own gospel radio show at CJTR radio in Canada, the first of its kind in her city.  For six months, she used her time at the station as a training ground to build up her confidence, ability and desire to share her love for music, ministry and entertainment.  Later that year, a cross-country move to Toronto gave Kat the opportunity to study broadcasting radio at Humber College.  While there, she dug herself into the local gospel community and built contacts with artists from across Canada, the US and the Caribbean.  Kat has since worked as an on air announcer in studio and on location, and as a technical producer in the following formats: Christian/Gospel, Country, A/C and Talk radio.  She has also provided voiceovers and imaging for several stations and shows, including the Wade-O Radio Show.  Kat made the journey from Canada to San Diego, California in 2011.  Her return to Christian broadcasting is long overdue, and she plans to continue exposing more great talent in the genre.  Kat’s true desire is working directly with artists where she will be able to use her passion and her appreciation for music to help artists and ministers have meaningful careers, and for their audiences to be blessed by what they have to offer.  Her true love of music and a genuine personality make Kat enjoyable to listen to and she is excited to share that passion with her listeners.

RevverendElderRevverend Elder – Mr. Elder, a native of Jamaica, has been a staple of the Gene Keys Morning Show since 2011.  He served as Gene’s co-host, bringing a comedic, yet very opinionated perspective to world events as they pertain to Christians.




Fashion Friday with Kira Keys – Born and raised in Philadelphia, Ms Keys is LUR’s fashion contributor and author of the Dress Code column. Educated in Science and Anthropology, Ms Keys plans to pursue a career in medicine. She is also a worship leader and songstress. As passionate as she is about science, healthcare, and music ministry, there may only be one other topic which is dear to her heart…fashion! Whether it’s designer labels or your local Salvation Army, Ms Keys is an equal opportunity shopper with an eye for fashion. She believes that no matter what the current fashions, style is your interpretation of them…making you beautifully unique. Follow her column for fashion and beauty advice and help make the world a well dressed place, one outfit at a time!

Gene Keys airs on Look Up Radio Weekdays from 8:00am to 12:00pm [EST] starting April 7, 2014.   Stay tuned here or signup for Gene’s newletter for updates.

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