Capital Kings-Capital Kings

Capital Kings released Capital Kings, their first full-length album on the second Tuesday of the New Year. It is an attention-grabbing blend of Pop, Electronic, Rap and Christian Contemporary music. The exciting CD features dynamic musical artists such as Toby Mac, Britt Nicole, Royal Tailor, and Soul Glow Activatur. I was intrigued from the very first pulsating rhythmic tone that opened the project with a great energy.


This was my first time hearing from the duo, so I was very interested in listening to what they had to offer. The beats and melodies definitely had my toes tapping and the mellow vocals were a nice contrast to the modern tempos on each record. But, the musical style was too familiar; I was hoping to find more inventive material from artists this new to the industry. The songs on the project have an over all lively vibe which is great for young adult listeners. Capital Kings could be an alternative to secular artist like Maroon 5, Train, OneRepublic.


The album leans more towards inspirational than Christian with few mentions of Christ. Honestly I haven’t personally fallen in love with any of the tracks on this project. Though, I do believe Capital Kings are a group to keep an eye on. If you are looking for something upbeat to listen to that won’t grieve your spiritual conscience. This is the record for you. However, I would not recommend rushing to purchase this particular album.


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