If you are a music junkie, like myself, you are constantly looking for new music to inspire and even transform you in some way. Recently, on my quest to be fulfilled I found myself perusing an online music store. After countless letdowns and hours of minutes I will never get back in life, divided into thirty second snippets, I found it! Closer, the fourth studio project from Shawn McDonald was my lighthouse in a sea of utterly cliché albums. One word that sums up the entire project is “Honest”, thirteen tracks of heartfelt conversations between McDonald and his savior.

Listeners are taken along on McDonald’s pursuit to be nearer to Christ as they are ushered by melodies that could easily be placed in classic rock, country, and even reggae genres. Though heavily guitar influenced, those who aren’t accustomed to those particular styles of music can effortlessly appreciate the overall sound of the album. Each song is a stepping-stone to the next, building a beautiful pathway to a real relationship with God. With titles like Better Way, The Space Between Us, Something Real, and Eyes Forward it is evident that Shawn’s personal tragedies and triumphs are the vein of his musical compositions.

Needless to say, I LOVED the project. I find Closer, the title track, and The Space Between Us fight to be my favorite song off the album, with Faithful in close second. Each of the song’s lyrics is relatable to any believer, whether being up front with God about concerns we all have or encouraging someone to keep pressing towards the mark.  Closer, the LP is a very versatile album that could be played in casual settings such as, the commute to work or even as the background music in private worship sessions. Though it was released in March of 2011, and newer projects are set to hit shelves, please do not hesitate to purchase this recording. I highly recommend it!

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