Audrey Assad: Heart

Heart, rightfully named as it tugs on the hearts of listeners, is the sophomore album from Audrey Assad. It is a perfectly passionate grouping of songs that will whisk audiences away to a day dream; imagine walking beside the quiet stream with Christ.  The smooth harmonies that fill this record are as rich and as pure as Assad’s voice. I fell in love with this project from the very first note. Something about the piano throughout this record captured my attention and refused to let it go; but, I enjoyed the melodious journey. I also appreciated the messages in each song; they are thought provoking and inspirational with powerful musical arrangements to match.

To my surprise, as I listened, I noticed underlying hints of a few genres like country, pop-rock, and even soul music! The first track Blessed Are the Ones is one of my favorites. It just has the right combination of harmony, rhythm, and lyrics that win me over every time I listen {I had this particular track on repeat}. Assad’s version of Sparrow is a fresh take at the traditional hymn His Eye Is on the Sparrow originally written by Civilla D. Martin and Charles H. Gabriel in 1905, later performed by and array of gospel greats. The writer in me smiles at the lyrics to Won Me Over. Slow is beautifully performed. New Song has a subtle energy that resonates in my spirit. The project also includes a bonus track titled The Other Side that ends the CD on an up-tempo note.

Heart is as charmingly courageous and subtly strong as the title suggests. I am definitely a new fan of Audrey Assad, the New Jersey native {like myself}, who is proving the statement true that “Jersey girls are the best in the world”.  Over all, I really enjoyed the project it is definitely worth the space in my iCloud.

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