Hello Fear

You just have to love it when an artist can consistently deliver quality music. With guidance from God, Kirk Franklin has been able to deliver quality, spirit-filled music with the release of each album. With his latest album, “Hello Fear”, Kirk Franklin delivers the high caliber music that we have all been accustomed to hearing.
Here’s what I find interesting about Kirk Franklin’s music. It seems to me that he does not just create music that he thinks people want to hear. He creates music that people need to hear. He could easily follow all of the musical trends and release Gospel music that sound and feel like what other genres are doing. However, it seems that he strays away from simply following trends and focuses more on the message of the music.
A strong message…that’s what we get with “Hello Fear”. I don’t think this is Kirk Franklin’s best album ever. (For my money, I’ll take “The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin” over anything else that he has ever done.) Nevertheless, “Hello Fear” is good music. It is a 15 track album that will pierce your heart.
My favorite song on the entire album is “Before I Die”. The production on this song is great. I’m sure people will blasting this song while riding around town on a warm spring or summer day. Beyond all of that, this song talks about the things we need to do with our lives to honor Jesus Christ.
The surprise of the album is “Something About The Name of Jesus Pt. 2″. Wow! For this song Kirk brought together Marvin Winans, John P. Kee, Isaac Caree, and Rance Allen. In my Forrest Gump voice…”That’s all I have to say about that.”  Other guest appearances occurred in the songs “Give Me” (Mali Music) and “The Alar” (Marvin Sapp and Beverly Crawford).

Hello Fear is a very personal album. It speaks to the feelings and emotions that everyone experiences, whether they are a follower of Christ or not. With this album, you get to experience the feelings of the artist while being challenged to look introspectively and explore your own feelings.
If you are a Kirk Franklin fan then I know you’re going to get this album. For everybody else…I suggest adding this album to your collection. Your heart will thank you for it.
Go grab your copy of “Hello Fear” on Amazon or iTunes.



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