Home- Kim Walker-Smith and Skyler Smith

On July 16, 2013, the dynamic duo, Kim Walker-Smith & Skyler Smith released Home on Jesus Culture Music. The ten-track project starts with “Your Voice” an enchanting song that opens with the strums of a stringed instrument, a rhythmic bass drum, and very mellow lead vocals. As the song progressed I fell madly in love with its overall production. The lyrics were perfectly placed between vibes that ranged from warm to robust; that uplifted but did not overwhelm as the message of the song was tactfully transmitted.

“Unstoppable Love”, the second cut on the record is a passionate acknowledgment told from the perspective of a believer who is fully aware of Gods unrelenting love.  This track reiterates the facts that nothing can separate us from Christ’s love; I absolutely appreciated the last few words from the song “try to stop your love and you would wage a war”. That statement alone speaks volumes. Have you ever felt like you did not fit in with the “world” as a Christian? “Home” will definitely speak to your heart and encourage you that it is okay, because you are made for Jesus. The entire CD is comprised of awesome songs with breath taking lyrics.

If I had to pick favorites, it would not be easy but I would have to say “Your Voice”, “Unstoppable Love”, “Face to Face”, ”Forever Praise”,  “Christ the Rock”, “Beauty of Your Presence”, “Home”, “Oh Beautiful”, “Relentless Pursuit”, and “My One and Only”. Wait…. Would you look at that! I named every track! It is something about this album; you must listen and mediate on every word from every song.

As I am sure you can tell by now I love this project. It seems that you all do too, because Home is No.1 on iTunes. This husband and wife team has won me over with such a subtly brilliant project. If you have yet to buy this album, what are you waiting for?

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