How Great Is Our God: The Essential Collection

Personally, I was interested in the release of this project. How Great Is Our God: The Essential Collection is the latest release from Chris Tomlin, one of my favorite worshipers. I would describe this album as a “greatest hits” CD, consisting mostly of previously released material and a few updated versions of old favorites. Do not let the fact that these are not all new songs deter you; think of it as grouping some of the best cuts on one disc; so there is no need to shuffle through about five different albums. The collection opens with a “World Edition” of How Great is Our God, as the song is sung in several different languages; I can only imagine that this is what God experiences everyday as people all over the world sing His praises. Our God, the second track on the project, is one of the most powerful songs ever written. I like to put it on repeat and let the words minister to me until there is no doubt about the greatness of our God. Each song lifts up God in its own way like Indescribable, which is literally my favorite song right now; it speaks from the heart of worship that only comes from a one -on-one relationship with Christ.  

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Though some fans argue that this collection is missing some of Tomlin’s more notable pieces; it is still worth the $9.99 it’s going for on iTunes. Overall, we have to take the record for what it is, a compilation.  As with any “essential” album you are getting the “hits” which may or may not be all your favorites. Though the tunes are familiar, the anointing and spirit of worship this particular assortment of songs produces will be fresh. Whether you have all of Chris Tomlin’s CDs or you are a new supporter trying to get your feet wet, I say why not add this to your library?

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