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How the Story Continues

Every once in a while an artist will come along break the mold and push the envelope. Sometimes it can go too far and be offensive; other times it is perfectly done. The latest release from B. Reith is definitely the latter. How the Story Continues is a free mixtape available for download June 29, 2012. The release consists of 9 tracks and features artists such as LeCrae, Lisa Gungor and Dre Murray.

The heart of the mixtape is a Christian message but the sound is pure Hip Hop and R&B. Listeners can be encouraged as the bob their heads to full bodied tracks. There is an embedded soulfulness throughout the entire project especially in “Get Out My Life” which features a sample of Ray Charles’ vocals within the hook.  It is evident in most of his lyrics that B. Reith has experienced obstacles in his musical career; the ever present struggle to not conform to society’s labels and expectations. I admire his will to stand up and stand out in an industry that can be known to smother an artist’s individuality to sell records.

I listened to the project several times and each time it grew on me. The beats and the word play kept me very interested; something about the way Reith’s words flow. There were two tracks the stood out most to me. The first, “Drawing Board Remix” has an easy going hook and vocals that showcase Reith’s talents as a singer. I fell completely in love with that particular track immediately upon hearing it. The second, “Made for More Remix” has a strong and relevant message revealed in the hook; that explains to listeners that we were made to be great. All the songs on this mixtape have positive messages without the preachy undertones. B.Reith makes his music relatable and understandable. I am very impressed with what he is putting out.

If you haven’t heard it yet, what are you waiting for?  It will entertain and enlighten anyone who takes the time to listen. I definitely recommend downloading this mixtape.  Happy listening!


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