Jesus Culture Awakening: Live From Chicago

Wow! Is all I should say, but I will expound for the sake of your reading this review. What else can I say about Jesus Culture’s Awakening: Live from Chicago? For starters, there is a pure energy of worship emitting from this project that cannot be ignored. As I listen, I am teleported to a place spiritually and mentally that feels similar to a summer convocation worship service; if you have ever been to one, I am sure you know the feeling. These people set out to worship God in the form of song, and that is just what they accomplished.

“Awakening” is the perfect title, as I was truly refreshed after experiencing this album. The many mentions of Jesus, is actual name, welcome the power it is known for. Songs like “Break Every Chain”, remind listeners of that very power. My spirit was rejuvenated as I entered into a heart-healing worship to “Nothing but the Blood”.

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“Father of Lights” illuminates the path of the Christian walk explaining how Christ’s love pierces through the darkest night.  The recording closes with a nice transition from bended-knee, teary eyed worship to joyful-dancing worship as “Holding Nothing Back” and “Dance” offer upbeat rhythms. I do not want to speak on His behalf, but, I am pretty sure the Holy Spirit felt at home at this recording. As each song is inistered, worshippers are brought into Christ’s presence. I cannot imagine any stronghold’s that could withstand the power of God that this body of work promotes. The LP is so much more than music to me it is more like a movement. My soul was stirred as a result of listening.

All in all, Jesus Culture Awakening: Live From Chicago is definitely a must have CD. If you can use a revitalizing of your spirit or just love to worship God, than purchase this project. I believe you will be more than satisfied.

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