One Sonic Society: Forever Reign

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and go on to have a great New Year! I am still recovering from the hustle of the holiday season. As I was searching for something to keep my spirit lifted I came across Forever Reign by One Sonic Society. This is the group’s debut LP, some of the songs where previously released on three different EPs, One {June 2010}, Sonic {November 2010}, and Society {March 2011}.One Sonic Society is led by Jason Ingram, Stu Garrard, and Paul Mabury it’s a “community” of artists who believe in “unity, creativity, and community” as mentioned in their bio on the bands official site.

The project, like most contemporary Christian works, is heavily drenched in guitar and drum driven worships tracks. Though I do love the instrumentation, I would love to hear some new musical concepts. I do agree with all the lyrics on the CD especially in such songs like Beautiful Savior, Now and Forever, and Burn. But the project as a whole was not very refreshing. I expected a little more from the group since it is comprised of such talented members who have all had great success on other songs writing ventures.

Please do not take it the wrong way, the album was not bad by any stretch of the word, I would actually like to hear more from One Sonic Society. This particular release fell just under par on my list of “must haves” it is one of the albums I would purchase after I already owned all my favorites. Since budgets are probably tight, recouping after the holiday spending frenzy, I would not recommend rushing out to buy this project ; maybe let a few of the singles hit the radio/internet stations, let them grow on you, then buy it. Hopefully the sophomore project will be a bit more radical. I guess we will have to just wait and see.

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