Reckless- Jeremy Camp

I credit the brightly colored album cover for grabbing my attention and pointing me in the direction of this project. I guess it is my longing for the spring season to begin. Nonetheless, Jeremy Camp is back with his latest release Reckless. The album starts with tremendous energy right out of the gate. The title track Reckless, exposes the worshipers heartfelt desire to be on fire for Christ. Camp pours out his heart over the rhythmically and melodically intense track.  As the record progresses The Way You Love Me, upholds a similar energy with a slightly more mellow presentation. I love the message in Free, with lyrics that state “the chains that held me tightly are finally lifted, you took this weight from me”, I am sure listeners will be encouraged. We Must Remember is a very powerful reminder of who Christ is and what He has done for us. The punchy rhythm that opens Shine made me instantly fall in love with the track.  As I continued to listen to the song the hook made me want to sing along, I found myself replaying it to catch the lyrics. The album ironically came alive with the track Come Alive; it has beautiful elements included in the musical composition.

Overall Reckless is a good record, although, it falls in line with industry standard music. I would have loved to hear songs that were more “reckless,” that somehow strayed away from what is expected in Christian Contemporary Music. This project would go on the shelf with the rest of the collection and blend right in, with the exception of the album art.

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