Still Standing- Keisha Cory

Summer is finally here! With that, I found myself looking for some hot new music. On June 18, 2013 Keisha Cory released Still Standing. When I came across this project I attempted to be totally opened minded; since it was my first time hearing this artist’s work.

To my surprise, I was immediately taken in by this project. As the first track, “Sing Over Me” started the faint percussion sounds followed by the powerfully edgy guitar captivated me. That is the way you open an album! I definitely wanted to hear more! As the record progressed the title track “Still Standing” obeyed the same formula. However, “Light of the World” successfully switched gears; to slightly more rich melodies that beautifully house a marriage between violin and guitar strings. As I continued to listen “Overwhelmed” freeze framed my thoughts and had me in complete awe as the lyrics perfectly expressed the feelings believers should have about Christ. “I See Heaven” features Trent Cory, as well as very powerful lyrics that speak of witnessing the glory of God.  I could rave on and on about each individual track but I will just say by the end of my listening experience I was delighted.

Still Standing shaped up to be an extremely well rounded project; probably because of the combination of well thought out song concepts, meaningful lyrics, and perfectly expressed musical implementations. It is everything a decent record should be. This was my first time listening to Keisha Cory, but it will not be my last. I definitely recommend purchasing this CD.

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