The Hurt & The Healer- MercyMe

The Hurt & The Healer is the latest release from MercyMe, the band responsible for the bona fide hit “I Can Only Imagine” off the Almost There album which was released in 2001.  I have to admit it took me at least five tries to listen to the project in its entirety. The project did not catch my attention on the first few sit-downs; but soon as I gave it its due chance, I was glad I did. There is a subtle strength hidden amidst the melodies on this CD. The ministry in the messages is true and relevant. I found myself getting encouraged and revitalized as I listened.

The album starts with “You Know Better” a catchy track that addresses the fact the Christ knows better so why not follow Him. “You Don’t Care At All” has an edgy energetic vibe with vocals that are in your face. I fell absolutely in love with the lyrics to the title track “The Hurt & The Healer”. The LP has eleven tracks including one bonus track that will all minister to listeners in their own way. This record is full of great material perfectly written and arranged. I was truly blessed as I took it all in.

Needless to say you should definitely purchase this project. It is a compilation of lyrics, melodies, and rhythms that house the blueprint to any believers walk. The Hurt & The Healer rebukes the doubt and empowers the faith present in all of us. If you take my recommendation and buy this CD I am pretty sure you will be just as pleased as I was.

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