The Hymns Sessions: Vol. 1- Jimmy Needham

As the season changes we have a tendency to desire cozy sweaters and comfort food. I realized my ears wanted something warm and soulful as well. This project hit the spot. The Hymns Sessions: Vol 1 by Jimmy Needham is album full of Needham’s contemporary takes on classic hymns.

The record starts with a beautiful rendition of “Christos Anesti” sung in what I believe is Greek; a great way to open a record of traditional songs. Followed by “The Gospel” a song with lyrics that ooze thankfulness for the Lord enabling the Gospel to change lives. “Rock of Ages” starts with a catchy vibe that makes you want to sing and clap along. I loved the belting Needham does on that particular track. Then there is “Come Thou Fount” done in a vintage jazz style that I simply adore. The album also has a few featured artists like Kevin Jones, Trip Lee, and Shane & Shane who add a great touch to the record. It was interesting to hear a rap artist on “How Great Thou Art”. There are ten tracks on the album, by the end of my listening experience I felt as full as if I had eaten Thanksgiving dinner.

If you are in the mood for something a little different I suggest you purchase this record. The Hymns Sessions: Vol 1 by Jimmy Needham would be a great addition to any music library.




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