The One You Need

As the week got underway, we came to Tuesday, also known as “album release day” in the music community. I usually like to shop for new music during this time. It’s my way of showing support to the artists who are looking to put up big numbers on the charts. Not that record sales should be the focus point while making music, especially in the Christian music market. I believe that ministry should be the driving force behind Christian music. That is why this particular project stuck out to me.

The One You Need by Shane & Shane is a heart-opening, relationship-building, joy-increasing album that speaks from the heart of the believer to Christ, and from Christ to the believer. Liberty, the first track, reminds the listener of the freedom that’s found in a relationship with Jesus with melodies that blur the lines between country and contemporary music. Followed by Your Love a beautifully powerful song that speaks of Christ’s perfect love. Each track seems like it was a pulled from the personal prayers of the artist and recorded over breezy, yet energetic tunes. The title track The One You Need, dances between a father’s prayer for his child to have a relationship with Jesus and ministering to everyone that Jesus is the one we need.

Released on the Fourth of October this year Shane & Shane have done it again. Presenting a twelve-track album of ministry. Covering topics like: giving your all to Christ, praising Him, and something we all need, God’s grace. Though the messages are not new revelations, they are refreshing reminders of the benefits of knowing and experiencing the love of God. The project holds true to its title as it reiterates that Jesus is The Only One You Need throughout its duration. The recording is definitely a creditable supplement to any worship music library.

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