The Upside of Down

As we work our way through August 2012, I find it only fitting to consider this artist and his latest release. Chris August’s latest project The Upside of Down is as breezy and mellow as a starry night. The lyrics, melodies, instrumentation and arrangements on all the songs reflect the title of the project perfectly. There is a consistent theme of finding the “silver lining in the clouds of life”, in many of the tracks.

August’s mild voice allows listeners to enjoy the entire album without experiencing listener’s fatigue. His Texas roots are woven into the fabric of the music. Especially in 1989, in which the vibe makes me want to put on a pair of cowboy boots and square dance, not in a bad way, I really enjoyed the tune. Unashamed of You had an unexpected upbeat tempo that excited my heart and made me smile. I imagine Christ feeling the same way when He hears it, as the song speaks of being unembarrassed of His love and loving Him. The message in A Little More Jesus is always true no matter what point we are at in our spiritual journey. Let the Music Play had a wonderful groove similar to some popular R&B rhythms. I absolutely loved the concept of Water Into Wine; you have to hear it for yourself, no spoilers. Each track had its own little surprise that kept me interested and eager to hear what the next song would sound like.

The Upside of Down by Chris August is a great example of a well-put together project, from a seasoned artist, that has weathered storms in life. Though August is fairly young; this project has a sense of spiritual maturity evident even in its title. I am definitely a fan of this CD.


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