Whatever God Says

I gotta tell you all that I am not easily impressed by music these days.  Most of what’s out (gospel or secular) seems lame, uninspired and not at all creative to me.  However, I am excited about Estee Bullock new project Fisherman and in particular his single, Whatever God Says.  This record has it all; an overall great song from track to lyrics.  I fell in love with the melody and harmonies from the very start.  But what really caught my attention is Estee’s ability to write and deliver such humble, honest and heart piercing lyrics.   I am literally blown away by this song.  I feel like Estee took the words and feelings I have towards my relationship with God in this season right out of my soul.

If you have any kind of sense, you will request this song on Look Up Radio in addition to securing a copy of Estee Bullock’s new project Fisherman.  My hope is that his songs will bless you like they blessed me.

Here’s Estee’s info:

Twitter – @iamesteebullock
Facebook –

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