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New Christian Radio Station Bridges Culture Gap

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PHILADELPHIA, Pa – (October 17, 2011) The new online radio station, Look Up Radio, LLC, launches its website today. The internet streaming station, whose format includes various Christian genres (Traditional Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Praise & Worship, etc.), promises to bridge the cultural gap among the Christian community through radio programming, education, and outreach. “I understand Look Up Radio’s vision to be one that unifies Christians of all backgrounds and experiences together at one place on the internet. It is the main reason I decided to accept the offer to move my morning show the [radio] station.”, said Gene Burke, host of the Gene Keys Morning Show.

Look Up Radio’s interactive website offers many helpful columns with a broad range of topics that are relevant to the Christian culture from world news to fashion. While the station’s programming phase does not launch until January 2, 2012, the station’s upcoming shows have already created a buzz and is increasing in support. Hope for Your Journey aims to help those who struggle with suicide (a subject considered sensitive by Christian communities) find hope from the despair in their lives. Cheryl Ott, the host of  Hope for Your Journey is a suicide survivor and now uses her experiences and expertise in online suicide crisis prevention. This is just one example of the many shows Look Up Radio has that will reach a wide and varied listening demographic.

Look Up Radio’s format and vision already holds a unique place among its counterparts and contemporaries. To learn more, visit

About Look Up Radio

Look Up Radio, LLC is an online radio station whose aim is to promote a healthy Christian lifestyle and provide challenging Christian programming. Look Up Radio also aims to expose various genres of Christian music to those who, due to cultural biases, may not have normally listened.




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