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Condoleeza Rice Advises Students to “Trust The Holy Spirit”

Source: Christian Post*
Author: Stoyan Zaimov

Speaking in front of 400 students at the University of Mobile in Alabama, the former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice shared the importance of her Christian faith that guides her through all her decisions.

Rice, who was the secretary of state between 2005 and 2009, and served under former President George W. Bush, told students that she finds her faith comes to aid even in the hardest of times, and allows her to be optimistic. She also encouraged students to call on the Holy Spirit and keep persevering, according to the Baptist Press.

She attended a question-and-answer session at the university on Nov. 10, before the seventh-annual Leadership Banquet, and addressed further questions regarding her faith and advised students who are embarking on their path in the world.

The former Secretary of State shared that both her father and grandfather were ministers, and that faith helps people realize their blessing, and faith helps those who are less fortunate.

On the topic of choosing majors and looking for a career, Rice advised students to focus more on what makes them passionate and what they want to fight for: “Once you have found something you love, put your heart and soul into working and being really, really good at it.”

At the banquet later in the evening, she also spoke about how faith and reason were not two different aspects, and that people can chose both, and not one over the other.

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“[Students] are taught to make that transforming leap through both faith and reason — that faith and reason are not enemies of one another, that indeed we are called to love the Lord God with our hearts and our minds, by Scripture,” said Rice.

Rice also called on students to trust the United States, despite the hardships it is currently going through. She elaborated by saying she firmly believes the U.S. will continue to be the most powerful country in the world, because it is the most compassionate, generous, and “the freest on the face of the Earth.”


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