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Dress Code: Simple Ways to Transform Yourself

Happy New Year everyone!! Another year is upon us and as usual many people are making resolutions. Some of us have had the same reoccurring resolutions for a few years now, while others are attempting to try and reach a specific set of goals for the first time this year. No matter what your goals are, the key is consistency. Forget about the negative and focus on the positive. For many people, the New Year includes fitness and weight loss goals, career goals, financial and business goals, spiritual goals, etc…but for some, there may even be a “fashion resolution”. If you are one of the many who have found yourself stuck in a fashion rut, here are a few of my simple suggestions on how to transform yourself for 2012!!  P.S. I threw in some other tips as well, Xoxo, KIRA


  • Get Quality Rest – In my opinion cosmetics, energy drinks, sunglasses and coffee can NEVER be a substitute for good ole fashioned rest. Also, contrary to popular belief the standard eight hours of sleep varies from person to person. Personally I find that it’s not always how long I sleep as it is the quality of the rest I get….no matter how long. This is one step you can take today, so lets go!
  • Take care of your skin – Your skin is the largest organ of the body, yet it’s often the most neglected. Whether it is lack of proper daily sunscreen (even in the winter), the lack of moisture (beware of the ash, lol), or not getting enough water (I’m guilty of this) we can do more. Healthy skin is the best accessory to ANY outfit.
  • Clean out your closet – Ok, now lets get down to “fashion business”! First step is getting rid of excess. Look through your wardrobe and ask yourself three questions: How long have I had this? Does this fit my current weight and/or style? Why am I holding onto this? If you haven’t worn an item in a year, it needs to go!! Be realistic about your garments. Are some pieces really vintage or just outdated? If you can’t fit it any longer, but it’s in great condition why not donate it to someone else? Before you buy new clothing, make room by eliminating clothes/shoes that don’t fit who you are now, or the style you want to create.
  • Update your favorites – So you’ve gotten rid of what you no longer need, and you’ve purchased a few key pieces but what about your tried and true staples? How do you make them current without replacing them? Try some clever updates! For example, that go to pair of black pumps can easily be transformed by adding shoe clips. What about that blazer? Change the buttons, add a broach, or get it monogrammed. Take those skinnies to a tailor and have them add side zippers or take a razor and create a new ripped pair. The point is BE CREATIVE…and save money.
  • Change your color palate – One of the easiest ways to transform your wardrobe is to add color. Many people find themselves trapped in a world of neutrals and darks. Even in the summer some of us are afraid of color. With all of the trends in fashion this season now is the time to break out of your shell and experiment. Start small by adding a pop of color through accessories, maybe a bright scarf or bold jewelry. Next try pairing unexpected color with your neutrals. When you can do this successfully you’re ready to embrace the color blocking trend and so much more…who knows, you may surprise yourself.
  • Change your hair – One of the fastest ways to transform your look is to change your hair. Do you always wear a straight blow out? Try waves or a curly look. Have curly hair? Try a blow out. If you constantly wear your hair down experiment with ponytails and updos……and vice versa. Maybe you’d like to switch it up frequently, then try extensions or even wigs. This way you get to change looks whenever you want! Or if you’re constantly getting a sew in, try giving your scalp a break and reveal how beautiful your natural hair is….go on I dare you. For those of you who are more adventurous, a new cut or color may be just what you need;  a pixy cut, a blunt bob, long layers, or close cut…..the possibilities are endless!
  • Begin highlighting your best features – If you have gorgeous eyes, why not show them off by using the right makeup and a great brow arch? Love your long legs? Give them the spotlight in some of the great skirts and dresses of this season. Do you have a great waist line? This season’s high waist 70’s throw backs are right up your alley, along with A-line skater dresses. Maybe you love your curves….then show them off in a great wrap dress or a pair of great fitting jeans and booties. The point is EMBRACE YOUR BODY!!! Whether you’re a size 2 or a 22, you are marvelously made and there is only one copy so WORK IT!

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