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Dress Code: Ask Kira

Hello loves, recently I asked the readers of Dress Code to send me their fashion questions and concerns. This article is dedicated to answering some of those questions! For privacy sake I won’t reveal any names, lets take a look at what readers want to know…

1. What are some ways to try color blocking on a casual day?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last year and a half, we’ve all noticed that the “color blocking” trend is here to stay, and being modified as seasons change. There are easy ways to incorporate this look into your casual attire. First, start with a base such as a pair of  jeans in a bright hue like orange or royal blue. Second, add a contrasting top such as a navy & white nautical top or a yellow blazer. Third, complete your casual look with a pair of inexpensive canvas sneakers or ballet flats. Simple, colorful, functional, and completely WEARABLE!

2. I’ve noticed lately lots of men (from celebrities to deacons) are mixing and matching patterns from casual to dress attire, what’s the deal?

When it comes to menswear this has been a consistent trend. What was once thought to be a fashion crime is now common place from Dolce & Gabbana runways to the pews of your church. Men everywhere are taking risks and trying new things, to that I say bravo! So how does one successfully mix patterns without looking like a clown? My advice is to stay within a certain color family. A navy suit can easily be paired with a pink/white pinstripe shirt and polka dot tie as long as the overall color palate stays the same. Select a  palate and build from there by choosing patterns that aren’t too abstract.

3. I can’t walk in heels. How can I manage a similar look in flats or low heel shoes?

Women of all ages can attest to the fact that while some heels may look fierce, they can be death traps for our feet.Nothing is worse than seeing a pair of awesome heels on a person who is obviously in pain wearing them. Contrary to popular belief flats can also be “glam”, without sacrificing style for comfort. Invest in styles with feminine touches such as rhinestones or gold hardware. Try a two tone Channel inspired look with a cap toe for a sophisticated elegance. Take your dress from day to night by changing your accessories to complete your look. When you’re finally ready to try heels, opt for styles under 3in to start.

4. How do I successfully layer clothing?

This look seems effortless when done correctly but actually achieving that “effortless” look can be quite a task! Suppose you’re starting with a basic white button up and a pair of jeans, now what? Add a thin pullover sweater and scrunch the sleeves, making sure to let your white button up show. If the weather permits throw in a loose scarf and a fedora and your ready to go. What if you’ve started with a cami and a cardigan? A slim fit, long sleeved cotton tee can be layered under your cami. Next add a statement necklace and layer some of your favorite bracelets. A pair of tights, pleated skirt, and ankle booties make this a great option for work! The key is making sure you start with thin layers…leave the heavy material for outerwear.

5. Can I wear sequin during the day?

As someone who’s been labeled a “sequin fanatic”, I ADORE this question! Sequin has always been reserved for special occasions,  New Years parties, and recitals, but I see no problem with any woman wanting to shine whenever her heart desires. For evening wear we often choose sequin skirts or sheath dresses. When wearing sequin during the day try adding flare to an outfit with a sequin trimmed cardigan or a blouse with a sequin collar. Feeling a little daring? Choose a 3/4 length sequin jacket to complete your look or spruce up your favorite outfit for work by adding sequin oxfords. Little touches go a long way during the day!











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