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BREAKING: Former Employee of World Changers Int’l Kills Member in Church Shooting

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 – ATLANTA – A multi-law enforcement agency man hunt is underway following a shooting that resulted in the death of  a member of World Changers International Church in Fulton County, GA. The suspect is 52 year old Floyd Palmer, who was witnessed by at least 25 church members as calmly walking into the mega church where Bishop Creflo Dollar is Pastor, opened fire during a prayer service, and then calmly walking out of the church into his black SVU and driving away.  The victim is a 39 year old volunteer staff member of the church who was leading the prayer service at the time the shooting took place.  The unidentified man was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.  Local police remain on the scene of the incident interviewing witness and investigating the facilities video survellience. All services scheduled for tonight have been canceled in light of this tragedy.  Bishop Creflo Dollar and his wife were not present during the shooting and it is unclear whether they yet have been interviewed.


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