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On Air Personality Job Description

Job Category:

  • Online Radio


  • Philadelphia, PA

Job Requirements:

  • On-air radio experience required, excellent verbal and communication skills, outstanding ability to relate and communicate with target audience, positive attitude both on and off the air
  • Familiar with Sam Broadcaster, Cubase 5, Audacity or similar recording software
  • Applicants must possess a strong work ethic, be well-read, punctual, and be a team player with a cooperative attitude
  • Applicant must be engaging on the air
  • Applicant must provide compelling content on the air
  • Make regular approved appearances station events
  • Assist with the voice over and production of paid, and non-paid, spots required to run on the station
  • Maintain a positive and approachable attitude when around listeners and clients
  • Prepare and deliver news, sports, and/or weather reports, gathering and rewriting material so that it will convey required information and fit specific time slots
  • Host civic, charitable, or promotional events that are broadcast over television or radio
  • Make promotional appearances at public or private events in order to represent their employers
  • Record commercials for future broadcast

If you are interested in applying for this volunteer postion, please email your resume and letter of interest to our program director [email protected]

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