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Are You Claiming Your Promises?

Beloved, ever sit back sometimes and look at your situations in your life and ask, “Is this the plan the Lord had for my life?” Sometimes we take it a little further when things get really sticky and call out to God looking for answers. Wondering, “Am I favored by God?”

Both can be legitimate questions to ask ourselves in the NATURAL. Notice, I emphasized natural. Many of us walk around condemning ourselves , questioning our life decisions, and sometimes casting away the future that God has for us.

But when we know God’s promises over our lives.  It becomes the shield against every negative thought bullet that tries to attack you. From the Old Testament all the way to the book of Revelation, God reveals His true feelings towards us.

God has promised numerous times, that He shall provide favor to those who believe, trust, and exercise His covenant over their lives. But here is the requirement: We have to align ourselves with His word in order for these promises to go in effect.

Get in to the word. Adapt an obedient attitude to the word of God. Believe He will deliver you when all seems hopeless. Trust that whatever God says; He is able to perform. Start declaring these promises over your lives. Breathe life to these words in the natural.

The next time you find yourself in a tough circumstance that makes you question the steps God has ordered over your life, or His intentions about you, find your rest in the Word of God.

I am not one for doing this, but going forward I will reference it as the “Word of Promises from God.”

It is nothing short of blessings over our lives, and wisdom that can conquer anything life as to offer.

Find your promises today!

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