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God Freely Gives Us All Things

We find ourselves complaining about so many things in life. Not taking the time to take a look at all the blessings we have been surrounded by. From a place to call a home, a job, and loving people that give their unconditional support to our endeavors. That list can expand on and on, but what we do best is complain and overlook the blessings God pours unto us daily.

This scripture is a reminder to all of how merciful our Heavenly Father is. He gave His only begotten Son for all of our sins. He could have left us in the pit of this world and focused on other things. But He is a Father who doesn’t turn His back no matter what we do, and most importantly gave His son for ransom so that we could live.

So if God can give His only begotten Son for our lives, why wouldn’t He freely give us all things if it lines up with His purpose?

Look around you, He blesses and continues to do so even when you don’t deserve it.

Start showing your gratitude, appreciation and love for the creator every time you want to complain.

Turn your complaints into Praise.

Beloved, He is in your corner.

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