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Reconciliation Replay (May 22, 2014)

highlighting the best reconciliation words around

EXAMINE racism and reconciliation on a Christian college campus: “Racism at Bethel” by students in the “Martin & Malcolm” class

CONSIDER the racial inequality  in Christian publishing: “An Interview with InterVarsity Press” by Katelin Hansen

“Publishers definitely have the opportunity to help create platform, to establish first-time authors and to help them find a larger audience. To the extent that publishers and gatekeepers…[are] primarily white then that cycle continues to feed primarily white authors. It’s incumbent on both in the individual writers as well as the gatekeepers at every level, whether that be online or book publishers, to help cultivate and identify, to lift up those voices that are not necessarily getting invited…Read more

NOW CONSIDER the consequences of racial inequality in Christian publishing: “My Struggle to Write as a Black Evangelical” by Ramon Mayo

“Most of the time I get encouragement in the manner of we need your voice in the conversation. My voice basically means “my black voice” and that’s ok with me. I can’t escape who I am. At the same time I really struggle against getting pigeonholed. I don’t want to be the guy who always talks about diversity just by virtue of my presence making things a bit more…diverse…Read more

STOP speaking on behalf of all Christians: “A Gentle, Friendly Request for Southern Baptist Writers” by Anthony Bradley

“Many Southern Baptist writers (current and former) posting at Religion News Service, major blogging websites, research organizations, conferences, etc. have been writing on the issue of millennials leaving the church. It turns out, that this is not an evangelical problem nor an American church problem, but a white problem in certain circles. Asian American, Hispanic, and African American millennials are growing in number. Black millennials are not leaving the church…Read more.”

SHARE stories: “The Power of Stories” by Ryan Herring

“It has been my experience that the people who harbor the most prejudiced and biased views toward another group of people have never spent much time around those people or engaged the story of that group. They exist to them only in the abstract…Read more

READ these stories: “Mixed: Mixed: Multiracial College Students Tell Their Life Stories“ edited by Andrew Garrod, Robert Kilkenny and Christina Gomez

“Given my Bangladeshi father and Japanese mother, I felt that the numerous Asian American organizations didn’t offer a community in which I could participate because they were country-specific. I felt that the East Asian students would doubt my authenticity if I showed up at one of the meetings because I didn’t look fully Japanese. Because my dad hadn’t taught me about South Asian culture, I was afraid of being called out as fake or a poser if I tried to associate with the South Asians…Read more

UNDERSTAND: “Why Every Racist Mentions their Black Friend” by Eric Horowitz

“Daniel Effron of the London Business School provides an answer. Effron found that threats to moral identity increase the degree to which people believe past actions have proven their morality. In other words, the threat of appearing racist leads people to overestimate how much their past non-racist actions—like making friends with somebody of another race—are indicative of their non-racist attitudes…Read more

UNDERSTAND: “Why Do Millennials Not Understand Racism?” by Jamelle Bouie

“ Compared with previous generations, [millennials are] more tolerant and diverse and profess a deeper commitment to equality and fairness. At the same time, however, they’re committed to an ideal of colorblindness that leaves them uncomfortable with race, opposed to measures to reduce racial inequality, and a bit confused about what racism isRead more

INDIVIDUALIZE: “We Are Not Generic” by Kathy Khang

“When I vocalize my concerns about racial insensitivity in American and Christian culture, it may be first time some readers have heard an Asian America woman speak out against injustice. My tone may not be what they expect. As Christians, we may say the same things about loving all God’s people but we are coming at it from different vantage points. We are one in Christ, but we are not generic…Read more

REDEFINE beauty: “Western Domination and the Racialization of Beauty” by Grace Ji-Sun Kim

“Ever since I was a young girl, magazines, television programs and books taught me who is beautiful and who is not. The standards of beauty were defined as white, pale, light haired women to whom everyone else’s beauty is judged.  As an Asian American woman without “white skin,” light hair, and smaller eyes, there was no way I could have been viewed as beautiful 25 years ago. The white societal teaching of the day determined that white was beautiful. I did not fit the definition of beauty…Read more

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