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Are You Anxious?

When things go bad in our lives, what is the first thing we do? Panic? Think on a logical way to fix things? Ask others for help?

If you are just like me sometimes, you might say all the above. It is natural to lean our own ways to do things, ask for help from others or just panic when things start to crumble around us.

The apostle Paul wrote about our habits during a time when things start to fall apart in our lives. Paul knew our natural reactions and our we thought process as human beings.

Instead of saying, ” here is some good advice,” Paul was convicted by the Holy Spirit to tell us quite clearly, “be anxious for nothing.”

Not be anxious when you have certain situations, but for nothing. So when we are up to our nose on debt and the bill collector starts to hound you completely, just remember be anxious for nothing.

When you experience a broken heart and find yourself alone, feeling not wanted anymore, remember be anxious for nothing.

Life will bring it’s train wrecks often, but remember when we keep our cool, trust God to do His mighty work in our lives, changes begin to take place immediately.

Just remember, be anxious for nothing.

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