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Ask And It Shall Be Given

I had someone wrote to me the other day stating the disappointment they were feeling after not receiving a job they wanted so badly. After going back and forth in emails, reading the complaints, I just asked, “Did you ask God for this job?” His answer was quite short and simple, especially after ranting so much, “No. No I didn’t.”

We make things so hard for ourselves sometimes, asking others to pray for us, but we don’t spend the time talking to God and making our request known to Him. God knows what our wants, desires and needs are. But If you really want something, God wants you to ask for it. Ask in faith on your own that what you requested will come to pass.

If we keep our request bogged down inside of us, we are basically saying “God you already know what I want, but I’m not confident to ask for it in faith.”

Many lose out on something they really wanted by not trusting in God’s ability to deliver our request to Him.

Beloved it’s time to step out in faith and speak boldly our wants to the Lord and allow Him to deliver through His promises.

We have not because we ask not.

That simple.

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