Get a Good Grip on God’s Word

"Hold firmly to the Word
of Life."
(Philippians 2:16a NLT)

God has
promised many wonderful benefits in your life if you will meditate on the Word
of God and then do it.

if you know how to worry, you already know how to meditate on the Word of God.
Worry is when you take a negative thought and you think on it over and over and
over. When you take a passage of Scripture and you think on it over and over
and over, that's called meditation.

There are six
ways you can get a grasp on God's Word.

  • You
    can hear it,
  • You
    can read it,
  • You
    can study it,
  • You
    can memorize it,
  • You
    can meditate on it, and
  • You
    can apply it.

But if all
you do is hear the Word of God when you go to church, you have no grip on the
Word of God, and it can be pulled out of your mind very easily.

The Bible
says in Philippians 2:16, "Hold firmly to
the Word of Life"
(NLT). You don't have a good grip on the Bible unless
you're doing all six habits: hearing it, reading it, studying it, memorizing
it, meditating on it, and applying it.

Psalm 119:16
says, "Your laws make me happy. I never
forget your word"
(GW). Do you want to be happy? God's principles will make
you happy, and you remember those principles by memorizing them, meditating on
them, and then applying them.

Psalm 119:35
says, "Make me walk along the path of
your commands, for that is where my happiness is found"
(NLT). Usually
we're looking for happiness in all the wrong places. God says happiness is
found in the path of his commands.

Talk It Over

  • What
    distractions keep you from being able to meditate on God's Word?
  • Who
    in your life can help you as you memorize Scripture? How can you help each
    other in this discipline?
  • What
    does it say about God when we can find happiness by obeying his rules and

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