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God Uses The Foolishness Of The World

Many in this world believes that God only uses people with extraordinary talents or there is a selective few that He has ordained to work for the Kingdom.

We believe the lies of the devil, which leads to our work for the kingdom being delayed.

For the ones who know my story, they can identify this scripture to what God has and continues to do in my life. It wasn’t easy to believe God saw something special in me, but once I decrease myself and allow God to increase I started to realize my worth.

Beloved, you might be going through this phase in your life asking. “What is my purpose?” I once asked that question many times and wondered if God had a plan for me.

I didn’t always do the right things in life, but God saw the good in me regardless. He saw an opportunity to make a difference, and I bought into His plan.

We sometimes believe if we are not on television or on front of a magazine God has no use for you.

But you couldn’t be more wrong. If it’s just to encourage others, God wants to use you. Teaching Sunday school or sowing into a ministry, God has a role for you.

No matter how small, it is still significant for the Lord to make a difference.

Give Him that chance to use you.

Remember, little is much when God is in it.

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