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Reprogram Your Mind

Do you ever notice most times when we wake in the mornings, our minds are filled with negative thoughts? Most times these thoughts comes after thinking about something good or focusing on.

The apostle Paul knew that our battle ground with the devil is the mind. The mind controls our emotions and actions. Paul called on the saints to be not conformed to how the world thinks or operate.

But focus on renewing our minds on the great things The Lord has secured around us on a daily basis.

You might say I don’t have anything good in my life. But when you examine your life, did you wake up this morning? Do you have family and friends surrounding you with love?

Do you have your good health?

That’s just a few to get you going. But continue to search for the great things God has giving you and does on a daily basis.

Beloved, conform your mind around the promises and blessings of The Lord and watch your world start to change to push you forward to where God Intended it to be.

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